Bitcoin Power offers you an ultimate opportunity to generate additional revenue. Our reliable affiliate program returns help our members attract new investors and earn multi level commissions.

Multi-Level Affiliate Program

We generate a unique partnership link for user account. You can accrue multi-level commissions by acquiring new Bitcoin power partners through your partnership link. For your direct referral at level 1 you receive 4% commission, at level 2 - 2% commission and at level 3 - 1% commission, The level commissions are accrued automatically to your commission account as soon as your referral starts investing. The accrued commission can be withdrawn instantly or reinvested.

  • 4%

    Level 1

  • 2%

    Level 2

  • 1%

    Level 3

Stable growth & returns

Bitcoin Power Limited ensures steady hourly returns for long run on your investments backed by strategic plan of experts. you can start investment with us as low as 0.001 BTC deposit.